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Drivers and Health Impacts of ambient air pollution

Current concentrations of PM2.5, PM10 and nitrogen oxide (NO2) are estimated to result in around 1,600 premature deaths every year. The morbidity impacts are at 2.7 million restricted activity days and 138,000 workdays lost, along with 431 additional cases of chronic bronchitis and 99 cases of asthma per year. The monetary cost the mortality and morbidity costs amount to €3.0 billion (using Value of life year lost methodology) and €5.8 billion (using the value of statistical life methodology), making them equal to 3.6% to 6.9% respectively of the gross domestic product (GDP) in 2017.

National Air Pollution Control Programme could save around 116 lives and decrease morbidity. The net present value of these benefits of these improvements is estimated to be between 204 million and 1.4 billion EUR per year in 2030. The costs are expected to be between 398 million (fiscal costs) and 1.12 billion EUR (economic costs) per year in 2030. The implementation of the Programme is profitable in most of the modelled scenarios.